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It's our privilege to serve coaches, thought leaders and course creators at pivotal times in their business growth journey.


Creating calm around launching and publishing online courses, systems tech and automation, we deliver proven, scalable processes in order for you to thrive doing what you love - and to reach further, faster.

At Virtual Systems Sanctuary our mission is to elevate our clients so they can place transformative personal growth content in more hands and enrich peoples' lives - which in turn impacts their families and community. We want to spread a whole lotta goodness, really!

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VIP done-in-a-day
systems implementation

Flip the script - elevate and automate with email marketing and Dubsado CRM systems setup, automations, workflows  and migration

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VIP done-in-a-day digital course

Does tech prevent you moving forward & pressing 'publish'? Change from doing to done with a VIP day!

Course platform set-up, video editing, emails, lesson slides, workbook creation and more.

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Launch management, strategy & preparation

Deliver a stress-less launch to an engaged audience. 

Personalised roadmaps for your team or in-house service, a VIP done-in-a-day plan or full launch management.  



We believe:

In the butterfly effect of one person developing & empowering themselves, lifting their families and others.

Our mission:

To amplify the butterfly effect by placing our client's quality, transformative content into as many hands as we can.

Our values:

We reach for milestones, celebrate your wins, and treat your client's experience as if they're our own clients.


Our talented team supports coaches and consultants with their systems, course creation and launch management services, and we'd be delighted to find out how we can support you. 


For over a decade my business in the music industry fueled my entrepreneurial spirit and helped me understand what ‘wearing all the hats’ really meant. I loved being an entrepreneur - I also understood the power of leveraging and showcasing other peoples' skills and talents to create something so much better than I could on my own.


Outside of this, I have worked across a range of industries. I found it wasn’t long after starting with a business that I was being asked to run projects, businesses, develop or connect teams, source and implement new systems and manage the change this created.

I am grateful to be blending prior experiences with serving the personal & professional development industry, which I'm so passionate about - what a joy!


In my search for proven strategies and systems for successful, scalable launches, I became Australia's first Certified Launch Manager in November, 2021. 


I live in the Greater Sydney Region of Australia with my talented husband and when I'm not strategising with clients or pouring over a project plan or workflow, you'll find me spending time with family and friends, bushwalking, playing music, and baking the odd loaf of rye bread!

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Alison Callan

Business Clarity & Success

Coach, Author

"I have engaged Kim to set up and establish two systems within my business.

Kim has a very astute mind, serious professionalism and a very amiable and kind nature.

She is practical, pragmatic and results driven.

She cares as much about my business and my results as her own, which is exactly what every conscious entrepreneur needs in a team member. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone looking for someone to take the reins, be in control and be trusted fully to do so."

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I'd love to know more about your business and

how we can support you.

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