Your course is published and you've launched, maybe one or three times before.. 

You have proof of concept and satisfied students..

You're ready to take it to the next level...

All of the steps, the tech, email copy, choosing and setting up a sales event,

connecting all the links and testing, testing, testing...

Do you relate to any of these?

- it's overwhelming at best, perhaps you've had some less than loveable launch experiences... 

-your team is delivering but it's not quite the seamless dream you had in mind...

-right before your live event you're sharing links and checking your inbox instead of focusing on your audience...

- you need to bounce strategy ideas with someone, set a plan and stick to it - for your team's sake...

- maybe it's exhausting and you realise you just don't need to run the project yourself...



 it's time to invest in a Launch Manager (hi there).

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Kim Fernandez, Founder. 

"I wanted to ensure our team delivers a current, proven methodology

for launch management services

at a world standard - so I became 

Australia's first

Certified Launch Manager."



A personalised game plan for the team to deliver with a sprinkle of strategy and launch runway support. 


Over 2 consultations we develop your personalised launch plan, then present your step-by-step,

detailed launch project plan for the team's implementation and delivery.  


2 x 1:1 planning/ strategy sessions

Launch runway planning

Personalised launch strategy (if required)

Detailed launch project plan (your launch 'bible')

 1 x team project plan kick-off

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Elevate and scale your launch process; add these services:

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Weekly check-ins with your launch manager:

Track launch plan progress, q&a on the upcoming week (up to 8 weekly meetings including launch week)

Cart-close debrief:

Includes metrics report tracking against your goals, strategy, and identify wins and areas for improvement on your next launch

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Virtual Systems Sanctuary VIP done in a day process

The launch tech implementation date we set is all yours.

On that date, we are solely focused on delivering our 'systems day spa'  for you!

Step 1


We'll ask you to complete a questionnaire. We'll require access to branding details, visual assets, design & copy for forms, emails, landing pages, and secure account access.

We will ask to receive this in advance of your VIP day as delays will decrease our ability to deliver on your day.

Step 2


We'll set up and test your email automations, links, tags, landing page, webinar/ event registration, thank you pages, all in advance of your launch week.


 We ask you be available for queries throughout the day, we'll stay in touch via Slack.

Step 3


You and your trusted team executing during launch week now review and ask any questions you may have  48 hours after the VIP day.


 It's important to book your tech implementation day early so that the information is ready and your VIP tech day is implemented at the right stage in your launch timeline.

Which of the four stages you are at

on your journey to 

6 and 7 figure launch mastery?

Includes actionable tips and insights to help you

reach further, faster.